Tips To Help You Chose The Right Document Storage Company

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For any growing or established company, how they store and achieve their documents is a significant part. As the company or business grows, there definitely will come a time when you will need to move your archived documents from your company offices to an off-site document storage and archiving facility. There are a number of companies that offer off-site document archiving and storage services. The big question is how one can find the right one? All of them seem to offer the same services so how do you determine the right one.

According to Oughtred & Harrison Archival Services, here are the tips that one should employ to make sure that they make the right choice when choosing a storage and archival company:

Tips when choosing the right document storage company

Methods for securing the documents

The single most factor that you are supposed to put in place when you are selecting any document storage facility is the security that they offer to your documents. Make sure that the archival company that you are selecting has facilities that are CCTV enabled. The facilities should also have real security guards on the site so that they can ensure that the documents are not exposed to any risks.


Do they offer insurance or document replacement

Most of the best documents archiving companies will have the best mechanisms and technologies to ensure that your documents are safe in case of any disaster. But it is always worth checking if they do have insurance cover in the event that the inevitable happens. After all, some natural disasters can not be protected.

Can one get access to their documents 24/7?

Does the archiving company allow access to one’s documents at any time, and if so are there any charges incurred due to priority access? The one thing that you will require that your archiving company provides is the ability to get access to your documents as and when you need them. A good storage and archiving company should not dictate the time that one can access their documents. Remember that these are your documents and you can access them whenever you need them.

Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

It is normal that an archiving company can make the necessary negotiations and noises before you sign your contract, but you as a client, is supposed to bargain for a 30 day trial period where you have the ability to change your mind if you are not happy with the service provided. Don’t settle for a second rate service if you are not satisfied with it.

How much will they charge you for the service?

During the current bad economic times, this is the first question that many people ask. But remember what comes cheap regarding price in most cases the service offered is not top quality. So before you settle on any company, do research and never select any company based on cost alone.

The above tips look pretty obvious to many, but they can go a long way in ensuring that you choose a good document archiving company.…

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